2004 Priority Issue

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S.309(Nozzolio)/A.11470(Abbate) is a piece of legislation intended to limit the use of Social Security numbers in order to combat identity theft and fraud. It is suppose to do this by "limiting the instances when a person's Social Security Account number may be used, making the process of assuming one's identity more difficult". Not only is this bill extremely broad, but it does not correct the problem. Additionally, there are federal standards that have recently been enacted in order to provide a balance regarding the use of Social Security numbers and they should be given the opportunity to work at the federal level. The Business Council opposes this bill. (TBC's legislative memo)


S.309 recommitted to Senate Rules on 6/22/04
A.11470 6/9/04 referred to Assembly Consumer Affairs and Protection

In the Senate, S.309 has been ordered to the Third Reading. In the Assembly, A.11470 has been introduced and referred to the Committee on Consumer Affairs and Protection.  Assemblyman Abbate stated that this legislation needs further review.  All reports indicate that this bill will not be moving in the Assembly.