2004 Priority Issue

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There are two pieces of legislation that deal with the issue of businesses collecting and storing individual's personal information and the possibility of a security breach in which that information is acquired by an unauthorized person. The first bill is S.6615 (Spano)/A.9431 (Brodsky) deals with the disclosure of a breach of security by any business that owns or maintains data (TBC's legislative memo). The second bill A.9184-A/S.6517 (Rules at the request of Klein/Fuschillo) (TBC's legislative memo)that proposes notification of unauthorized acquisition of personal information. The Business Council is opposed to both pieces of legislation.

These bills do not tackle the real issue in question. These bills are designed to protect an individual's personal data. What these bills actually do is punish those businesses that maintain personal data if their security is breached, through no fault of their own.


S.6615 amended and recommitted to Senate Corporations on 6/1/04
A.9431A referred to Assembly Codes on 6/8/04

A.9184B Passed Assembly today
S.6517 referred to Senate Energy and Telecommunications on 3/16/04

6/22/04 S.6615 is the Senate Committee on Corporations, Authorities, and Commissions and its companion A.9431 is in the Codes Committee. S.6517 is in the Senate Energy and Telecommunications and its companion A.9184 is in the Assembly Rules Committee.