2004 Priority Issue

Staff Contact: Ken Pokalsky


A PSC Administrative Law Judge recently issued a recommended decision on a renewable portfolio standard, prompted by Governor Pataki's ambitious goal (set in his 2003 State of the State Address) of generating 25% of NY's electricity with renewables by 2013.

By the Judge's own estimation, these renewables will cost New York electricity consumers between $1.14 and $1.35 BILLION by 2013. The Business Council has been a party to the proceeding and has filed comments at every available opportunity. We will continue to press our concerns with the commission before a final decision is issued We will be testifying at the public forum in Albany on June 29 (PSC press release) and urge our companies to speak out at the forums in their region. Summary of the judge's recommended decision.


Expect a PSC decision to come before the reliability study is completed (November or December), though time line is still fluid.


For more information, contact Anne Van Buren via e-mail ken.pokalsky@bcnys.org or phone at (518) 465-7511.