2004 Priority Issue

Staff Contact: Lev Ginsburg


Two health-care spending groups - Greater New York Hospital Association and 1199/SEIU - have proposed a new tax on businesses of up to $3,000 per employee and $1 to $2 billion in new taxpayer-funded public debt to send new taxpayer dollars to hospitals and increase state spending on Medicaid and other government health insurance programs. <http://www.healtheducationproject.org/index.htm>

On Saturday, June 19, Speaker Silver introduced A.11705 to allow the state Dormitory Authority to float $1 billion of bonds to be used to be used for information technology, hospital restructuring and operating deficits.


HEAL NY has been significantly scaled back from the original proposal described above. The final health budget bill (S.6058-B/A.9558-B, Part D) includes a health care system improvement capital grant program of $250 million. The money is to be used to "encourage improvements in the operation and efficiency of the health care delivery system within with state." Ten million is to be made available to community health centers. The money will be bonded through the state Dormitory Authority.