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Government Affairs Albany Update

April 9, 2004

Governor Announces "NY Smart" Initiative

Governor Pataki has announced the creation of a new $19.5 million New York Skilled Manufacturing Resource Training (NY SMART) program. The NY SMART program will provide new job training assistance to help small, medium and large manufacturing firms to upgrade the skills of new and incumbent workers.

NY SMART grants are designed to aid manufacturing firms with worker training initiatives. SMART 100 and SMART grants comprise the NY SMART initiative. The funds supporting the training will be provided from state-level funds under the Federal Workforce Investment Act, administered by the State Department of Labor.

SMART 100 grants are now available, with $11 million in allocated funding, to assist manufacturing firms employing 100 or more workers. These firms can apply for worker training grants of up to $200,000. Firms must apply before May 12, 2004.

SMART grants are available with a total of $8.5 million allocated for manufacturing firms employing fewer than 100 workers. Under the guidelines of SMART grants, these firms can apply for grants of up to $50,000. Firms may apply until June 30, 2005.