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Government Affairs Albany Update

February 21, 2003

New York Continues 18% Electricity Installed Reserve Margins

The New York State Reliability Council (NYSRC), the entity responsible for the reliability standards for electricity supply throughout New York State, has announced the continuation of its 18% installed reserve margin (IRM). In essence the ruling mandates that the New York Control Area (i.e. New York State) must have an installed electricity generation capacity of 1.18 times the forecasted peak load. The requirement will govern the time period from May 1, 2003 through April 30, 2004. The decision was based on NYSRC's January 10, 2003 study of load and capacity in the state. That study looked at a variety of factors in determining the 18% IRM requirement. These areas included transmission transfer limits, load forecast uncertainty, installed capacity conditions in neighboring states, emergency assistance available from neighboring states, the inclusion of special case resources, the impact of emergency demand response programs (EDRP) as well as the availability rates of generating units in New York State. For more information on the IRM or NYSRC access:

Independent System Operator Board Selects New Chairman

The New York Independent System Operator (ISO), the entity charged with maintaining the state's wholesale bulk electricity system, has announced the selection of John W. ("Bill") Boston to succeed Richard Grossi as chairman of the board. Mr. Grossi, who decided to step down from the chairmanship after four years at that post, will remain on the board. The board also selected Karen Antion and Peter A.A. Berle to serve as Co-Vice Chairs of the Board. The appointments become effective at the Board's Annual meeting in April.

The New York ISO, formed in 1998, is governed by an independent ten-member board. Its mission is to ensure the reliable, safe and efficient operation of the State's major transmission system and to administer an open, competitive and nondiscriminatory wholesale market for electricity in New York State.

For more information access the ISO web page at:

U.S. Economic Census

We have been asked by the U.S. Bureau of the Census to remind our members that if your business was one of the five million businesses nationwide that received a 2002 Economic Census form last December, you are required by Federal law to respond. If your company missed the February 12 submission deadline, the Bureau urges you to seek a 30-day extension and complete the form as soon as possible. Businesses can request a reporting extension via the Internet or by calling a toll-free number (800) 233-6136 from 8 a.m. to 8 p.m. EST, Monday through Friday.

In today's changing economy, timely and relevant facts and figures are essential for sound business and government decision making. The Economic Census is the primary benchmark for measuring 96 percent of the gross domestic product. Once the 2002 Economic Census data are collected, the Census Bureau will put all of the statistics on the Internet, providing quick and easy public access to the data.