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Government Affairs Albany Update

January 11, 2002

World Trade Center Disaster Action Plan by Empire State Development (ESD)

The Empire State Development Corporation has developed a World Trade Center Action Plan to allocate $700 million from the U.S. Department of Housing and Urban Development (HUD). The plan targets businesses directly. The draft plan is split into several categories which include; Small Business Assistance, Retention and Attraction Assistance, Business Information, Infrastructure Rebuilding, and Administration. For more information contact Empire State Development.

Prompt Payment Bill for Private Construction Vetoed

The prompt payment on private construction bill, S.4318-B (Velella)/ A.7698-B (P. Rivera), that would have imposed severe restraints on private construction for any project that exceeds $125,000, was vetoed by the Governor on December 26, 2001 as veto #56.

The Business Council opposed the legislation on the grounds that it impinged upon the right to privately contract for construction. The bill also would have established a very strict and restrictive payment schedule for owners and contractors. The bill did not apply to government contracts (state, local, public benefit corporations) nor did it apply to one and two family dwellings or residential track development.