Government Affairs Albany Update - April 6, 2001

Assembly Passes Multiple Comparable Worth Bills

In apparent recognition of national "Equal Pay Day" earlier this week, the Assembly on Wednesday passed five bills and one Congressional Resolution supporting the concept of Comparable Worth. Comparable Worth is a pay equity concept that goes beyond "Equal pay for equal work." It advocates equal pay for work that is of comparable value to the employer with the government determining the methods used to evaluate this comparable value. Business Council opposition memos.

The bills passed on Wednesday, A236, A290, A5416, A7012, A7432 and resolution K530 would require both public and private sector employers to implement comparable worth through changes in the state civil service law, labor law, human rights law and the New York State Constitution.

NYSERDA Peak Load Reduction Programs

The New York State Energy Research and Development Authority (NYSERDA) has announced a new grant program for peak load reduction projects at commercial and industrial facilities. The program is designed to reduce peak electric loads this summer, with an emphasis on projects in New York City. Incentives are based on reductions in electric demand from the grid during peak periods and can range from $50 to $375 per kilowatt hour reduced. A total of $13.9 million is available in four project categories: