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Government Affairs Albany Update

June 23, 2000

Staff Contact: Ken Pokalsky

Pesticide Legislation

The legislature has passed legislation that allows New York City and all other counties to require a 48-hour notice to neighbors prior to certain outdoor pesticide applications.

This new notice requirements affects the "commercial lawn applications," as that term is defined in the bill. It excludes the application of general use pesticides on property owned or leased by the applicator. It also excludes pesticide use by utilities, agricultural applications or golf courses. Exemptions from the 48 hour notice provision are also provided for "emergency applications," and for the use of "reduced risk pesticides" registered by the U.S. Environmental Protection Agency. Pre-application notice would have to be given to occupants of residential buildings, and owners of other properties, if they abut the property on which pesticides will be applied, and their abutting boundary is within 150 feet of the point of application. This bill requires perimeter signs in most instances where general use lawn pesticides are being applied to an area greater than 100 square feet, including applications that are exempt from the 48 hour notice provision. It also requires the posting of consumer awareness information in most retail stores that sell general use lawn pesticides. The Business Council and many other trade groups opposed this bill as an unnecessary burden on commercial applications.