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Government Affairs Albany Update

June 16, 2000


The enacted 2001 Budget will have its myriad tax changes explained in the Wednesday (June 21) program of the 2000 Conference on State Taxation.

The kickoff at 9:00 a.m. will feature "Utility Tax Issues: Reductions, Impositions, Clarifications, Nexus, New Products/Players, Rates". Coordinated by the Department of Taxation & Finance, speakers include Elizabeth McNulty, Ronald Ginsberg, John Campani, Patrice Cohen, and Al Aumick; Charles Dickson of the Department of Public Service will assist in the thorny issue of retroactive and future tax rate changes and their impact on energy rate-setting.

A "Financial Services Review" of:

will be presented by Deborah Liebman and Ronald Ginsberg of the tax department and Jeffrey Gotlinger and David Kornberg of Ernst & Young LLP and Merrill Lynch & Co., Inc., respectively.

Following Commissioner Arthur J. Roth's keynote luncheon address, afternoon topics include Mark S. Klein's (Hodgson, Russ, Andrews, Woods & Goodyear, LLP) review of "Hot Administrative and Judicial Topics of the Past 12 Months", "100% Receipts Factor: The Increasingly Prevailing Standard for Income Apportionment", and "The State of Combination".

Thursday's program includes "The Department of Taxation & Finance Electronic Services Project", "Business Tax Credits and Incentives in New York", and "Sales and Use Tax Issues" featuring exemptions, managed audits, and overlapping audits.