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Government Affairs Albany Update

January 7, 2000

2000 Legislative Program

The 2000 Legislative Program, has been drafted for your review. It is a compilation of a lot of hard work by our Committees and Councils over the Fall. As always it is an aggressive and highly ambitious program with many important legislative and regulatory initiatives.

Please direct any specific questions you may have to Elliott Shaw, Director of Government Affairs at shawe@nysnet. net or to the specific staff person handling the issue.

New Lobby Law

In December, the legislature enacted significant changes to the state's law governing the activity of lobbyists. Effective January 1, 2000, this legislation imposes new reporting requirements, gift restrictions and enforcement measures on the government affairs industry. Importantly, these changes apply to lobbyists registration statements for 2000, as well as to lobbyist's annual reports, which must be submitted to the state by January 15. The linked memo summarizes the key changes in the Lobby Law. You should contact legal counsel and/or the State Commission on Lobbying with questions on specific compliance issues.