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Government Affairs Albany Update

June 4, 1999

Senate Approves Another Tax Cut

The Senate approved this week elimination of the ton-mileage tax, which drives up costs for the trucking industry and other businesses -- manufacturers, retailers and others -- that ship products in New York via truck. The Business Council had pushed strongly for the reform. The move would provide gross savings of some $130 million, according to the Senate. Click here for Business Council President Dan Walsh's statement praising the Senate's action.

New "Brownfield" Proposal

A coalition that includes environmental groups, community-based organizations, law firms and some business interests has announced a new proposal for addressing "brownfields," and for promoting the voluntary cleanup of state superfund sites. Known as the "Brownfield Coalition," this organization was formed after the "Pocantico Roundtable" was disbanded last month.

While The Business Council was a member of the Pocantico Roundtable, we are not part of this new coalition. And while the Coalition has made a number of positive recommendations, the Business Council has not endorsed their overall proposal.

Key provisions of the Coalition's proposal include:

The Business Council has not endorsed the overall proposal due to concerns about the lack of remedy selection reforms for responsible party sites, especially with regard to groundwater; new provisions allowing for state-level law suits against responsible parties; and broadened state enforcement provisions.

For more information, please contact Ken Pokalsky.