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Government Affairs Albany Update

May 7, 1999

Urging Spending Restraint

The Business Council continues to make the case for holding down state spending. Click here for more details.

New "School Tax Watch" report

More than 400 school districts around the state raised per-student taxes by more than the inflation rate in 1997, The Public Policy Institute reports in its latest "School Tax Watch." Click here for the press release summarizing the report and links to the tables including data for your local districts.

Manufacturing Week-May 7-14

Each year The Business Council, in conjunction with regional and local business organizations, sponsors Manufacturing Week. This year, Manufacturing Week will be held on May 7-14. The theme is, "Manufacturing Keeps New Yorkers Working." The purpose of Manufacturing Week is to promote the importance of manufacturing to the state and local economies, and to discuss our manufacturing legislative priorities with state and local decision makers, the general public, and the media. Staff contact: Ken Pokalsky.

NYSEDC's Testimony on Industrial Development Agencies

In 1997, The Business Council and its affiliate, the New York State Economic Development Council, led the lobbying effort to expand the authority of Industrial Development Agencies to allow them to finance non profit nursing homes, hospitals, and college dormitories that have a project value of less than $15 million. This law will sunset on July 1, 1999, unless it is extended by the legislature. Senator Bill Larkin has introduced legislation, S.4405, that would make this authority permanent and increase the project cap to $25 million. On April 25th, he, Senator Rath, and Senator Alesi sponsored a hearing on this legislation.