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Government Affairs Albany Update

March 19, 1999

More Proposals for Tax Cuts

Assembly Speaker Silver announced his conference's budget proposals, including targeted business tax cuts. And Senate Minority Leader Connor released a wide-ranging package of business tax cuts, including repealing the truck-mileage tax and supporting Governor Pataki's energy-tax reforms. All four legislative leaders, along with Governor Pataki, have now proposed new business tax cuts for enactment this year. (Click here for more information.)

"Smart Growth" legislation Introduced

Senator Mary Lou Rath and Assemblyman Sam Hoyt have introduced legislation, S.1367/A.1969, that would direct the Governor to develop a "smart growth" policy for the state. The objectives of the legislation are to curb the growth of suburban sprawl, preserve farm land and other green space, encourage regional cooperation with regard to land use planning, and promote the use of existing infrastructure. The Business Council and its affiliate the New York State Economic Development Council sent a letter to the sponsors indicating areas of opportunity, as well as highlighting our concerns.

Assembly Superfund Package

Last week, we called your attention to two Assembly initiatives - A.874-B and A.2044 - that address the state's "superfund" program. These proposals would have significant adverse pacts on the state's business community. Our most pressing concerns relate to A.874, which is now before the Assembly Rules Committee - one step away from consideration on the floor. If your company has sites subject to the state's environmental remediation programs, we urge you to review this legislation carefully and make your concerns known to your Assembly representatives.