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Government Affairs Albany Update

March 5, 1999

E-Advocacy Effort for Business Tax Reductions

Our efforts to obtain further business tax reductions are intensifying as each house of the Legislature prepares to unveil their budget and tax reduction priorities.

To strengthen our personal lobbying efforts we have officially launched our E-Advocacy Tax Reduction Web Site, which will allow members of The Business Council and members of chambers of commerce and regional associations to quickly and easily communicate with their elected officials.

Motor Truck Association Reports Evasion Rates of the Ton Mileage Tax

The New York State Motor Truck Association (NYSMTA) has released a new report and fact sheet that shows New York has the second highest trucking taxes in the nation. The NYSMTA is pushing for a total elimination of the ton-mileage-tax this year. The NYSMTA has also released a study that finds out-of-state trucking companies are evading the payment of the ton-milage-tax (TMT) by up to 44%. The Business Council's Board of Directors has endorsed a repeal of the TMT as one of five top priorities for the 1999 Legislative Session. New York must rely on the integrity of out of state companies to pay their share of the tax or seek remittance through costly audit procedures.

The rates of evasion as reported by Vollmer Associates, on behalf of NYSMTA, reveal the uneven burden placed on in-state trucking companies in complying with the TMT. For a copy of NYSMTA's TMT fax sheet or additional information on how you can be helpful in repealing the TMT.