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Government Affairs Albany Update

February 5, 1999

Job Training Task Force

The Business Council has met several times in recent months with a task force of community college presidents in an effort to develop a consensus position on a comprehensive program to train new and existing workers. The outcome of those meetings is reflected in the enclosed memorandum to all legislators. It essentially reflects the position developed last Fall by members of The Business council's Job Training Task Force, and also support increased funding for the community college contract course program.

TBC's Response for Opposition to Civil Justice Reform

Last week, a member of the Assembly Majority sent a letter to all his democratic colleagues asking them to sign a letter to Speaker Silver opposing adoption of ANY civil justice reforms. The Business Council's response to this effort is enclosed.

Governor's Task Force on Independent Contractors Holds First Hearing

The Governor's Task Force on Independent Contractor Status held their first public hearing on Wednesday, Feb. 3 in Albany. Tom Minnick from The Business Council staff testified at this hearing. In the testimony, she asked the Task Force for clear-cut rules prior to entering into a business relationship so that businesses can make the determination as to whether to hire an independent contractor or an employee. To accomplish this she added, there needs to be consistency between all state agencies involved.

Click here to view the text of The Business Council's testimony.