Environment Committee Update
June 2, 2014

Contact: Darren Suarez

Committee Meeting

All members of the Business Council are welcome to join a quick meeting of the Environment Committee on June 6th at 10 am in the 4th floor 12 Corporate Woods Blvd. conference room. The meeting will be focused primarily upon end of session legislation. A section of the meeting will be devoted to the development of a schedule of future committee meetings to discuss the REV proceeding, Green Bank, and the Clean Energy Fund.

An opportunity to join the meeting through conference call will be provided.

End of Session Legislation

New York’s legislative session is scheduled to end June 19th. This end of session will have more uncertainty than most. The legislative agenda will likely be heavily influenced by significant political insecurity surrounding the November legislative elections. In the environmental arena, the end of the legislative session will likely focus upon a number of subjects including children’s products, micro-beads, brownfields, physical climate risk, and numerous other items. The Business Council as always will endeavor to hear from all sides on issues and provide opinions where those opinions are likely to inform the legislative discussion.

A list of legislation of interest will be shared with members prior to the June 6th meeting. Any member wishing to have specific legislation noticed, discussed, opposed or supported, please share a list of that legislation prior to June 5th for inclusion in the June 6th meeting agenda.

Brownfield Lobby Day

Since the conclusion of budget discussions no substantive legislative active has occurred regarding the extension of the brownfield tax credits. It has long been rumored and speculated that the Governor will release a Program Bill “shortly”. At this time one is still not forth coming. On June 9th the Business Council will conduct a round of legislative visits to express interest extending the tax credits. A discussion of the material to be distributed and talking points will occur during the June 6th committee meeting. Any member is welcome to join the lobby day.

Child Safe Products Act Moving in the Senate

This week the Senate Environmental Conservation Committee will consider the
A.6328 Sweeney (MS) / S.4616 Boyle. The legislation has already passed the Assembly.
The Business Council is strongly opposed to the legislation. Specifically, this bill would give these agencies broad authority to undergo a chemical review process they are ill-equipped to handle. New York would have to undertake an expensive, highly scientific review to make concrete determinations about the toxicity of chemicals and their potential harm to the public. New York does not have the financial resources or expertise to execute such a review.
The Business Council strongly believes that independent, well-financed national and/or international regulatory bodies dedicated to the protection of human health, including a focus on sensitive populations, should review suspected health hazards when legitimate concerns are raised.

June 2, 2014 EPA to Announce CO2 Reduction Rule

EPA will propose a national average of 25% cut in power-plant carbon emissions by 2020 and 30% by 2030, based on carbon emissions levels in 2005. The reductions requirements for each state will be different and based upon how much carbon each state emits.
Under the plan the President announced last summer, EPA must finalize these rules by June 2015 and states must submit their implementation plans one year later, by June 30, 2016.
After the plans are released The Business Council will provide some insight into the possible effects in New York State.

2014 Renewable Energy Conference
June 25 - 26, 2014

Marist College
Poughkeepsie, New York

You will hear from leading experts in the field of energy. The format of the Conference will allow for concurrent tracks to give you the information that is most important to you. Afternoon sessions will focus on the Impacts of Changing Electric Energy Markets as well as the Practical Market Applications for Renewable Energy.