31                                   PART DD

    32    Section  1. Subparagraph  (A)  of paragraph 3-a of subdivision (a) of

    33  section 21 of the tax law, as added by chapter 390 of the laws of  2008,

    34  is amended to read as follows:

    35    (A)  Notwithstanding  any  other provision of law to the contrary, the

    36  tangible property credit component  available  for  any  qualified  site

    37  pursuant  to  paragraph three of this subdivision shall not exceed thir-

    38  ty-five million dollars or three times the costs included in the  calcu-

    39  lation  of the site preparation credit component and the on-site ground-

    40  water remediation  credit  component  under  paragraphs  two  and  four,

    41  respectively, of this subdivision, whichever is less; provided, however,

    42  that: (1) in the case of a qualified site to be used primarily for manu-

    43  facturing  activities,  the tangible property credit component available

    44  for any qualified site pursuant to paragraph three of  this  subdivision

    45  shall  not  exceed  forty-five  million  dollars  or six times the costs

    46  included in the calculation of the site preparation credit component and

    47  the on-site groundwater remediation credit  component  under  paragraphs

    48  two  and four, respectively, of this subdivision, whichever is less; and

    49  (2) the provisions of this paragraph shall not apply  to  any  qualified

    50  site for which the department of environmental conservation has issued a

        S. 6610--A                         103                        A. 9710--A

     1  notice to the taxpayer before June twenty-third, two thousand eight that

     2  its request for participation has been accepted under subdivision six of

     3  section  27-1407  of the environmental conservation law, but shall apply

     4  to  any  site  for  which  a request for participation has been accepted

     5  under subdivision six of such section 27-1407 before June  twenty-third,

     6  two thousand eight and for which a certificate of completion pursuant to

     7  subdivision  three  of section 27-1419 of the environmental conservation

     8  law has not been issued as of February ninth, two thousand ten.

     9    § 2. This act shall take effect immediately and  shall  be  deemed  to

    10  have been in full force and effect on and after January 1, 2010.