Environment Committee Alert

September 10,2009

GHG Emission Reduction Bill on Senate Agenda

The Business Council is pushing for the defeat of S.4315 at today’s scheduled Senate session. The bill would require the Department of Environmental Conservation to impose restrictions on carbon dioxide and other greenhouse emissions from any source, including but not limited to manufacturing, power generation, fuel processing and others. Presumably, this authority could also be applied to residential and commercial buildings, on- and off-road vehicles, and other sources.

Moreover, the bill mandates that emissions by 2012 not exceed “aggregate levels of greenhouse gas emissions” for 1990, and mandate further emission reductions after that date. This limit would be “enforceable.”

This bill is on the list for possible passage. I have been in discussion with senate staff urging its defeat. We need the business community to provide information on what impact this bill would have on business operations if it were to pass. We need to be able to show, with numbers or statistics if possible, what it will mean for jobs, investment etc. in New York.

Any additional facts you can provide would be of great help. I would also encourage you to contact your senator’s offices.