I am writing to urge you to oppose significant new environmental surcharges included in the Executive Budget proposal (see S.6257/A.9759). Under this proposal, <company name> would pay an additional <$ > annually in increased hazardous waste management fees.

Considering current economic conditions, it is the wrong time to impose additional taxes and fees on the state's manufacturing community.

These surcharges would be on top of existing hazardous waste program fees, hazardous waste facility permit fees, and per ton "special assessments" imposed by New York on hazardous waste management activities. New York already has among the highest waste management fees in the nation, and– for nearly every affected facility – these surcharges will represent more than a doubling of their existing fees on a per ton basis.

We recognize the need to refinance the state's superfund program. But business has already paid more than its "fair share" – more than $3 billion in directly cleanup costs, and another $400 million in dedicated superfund fees.

Most of the state's superfund resources have been spent on municipal sites and program staff, and much of the rest is spent on abandoned sites. Therefore, we believe that refinancing should be based on general state revenues, rather than on fees that narrowly target existing state manufacturers.


  1. Legislative Leaders

    Honorable Joseph L. Bruno
    Majority Leader
    New York State Senate
    Legislative Office Building, Room 909
    Albany, NY 12247

    Honorable Sheldon Silver
    New York State Assembly
    Legislative Office Building, Room 932
    Albany, NY 12248

    Honorable Ronald B. Stafford
    Chair, Senate Finance Committee
    Room 501, State Capitol
    Albany, NY 12247

    Honorable Herman D. Farrell, Jr.
    Chair, Assembly Ways & Means Committee
    Legislative Office Building, Room 923
    Albany, NY 12248

    Mr. Abraham M. Lackman
    Secretary, Senate Finance Committee
    Room 423, State Capitol
    Albany, NY 12247

    Mr. Dean Fuleihan
    Secretary, Assembly Ways & Means Committee
    Room 346, State Capitol
    Albany, NY 12248
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