Energy Committee Update
March 14, 2014

Staff Contact: Darren Suarez

One –House Bills

The Assembly and Senate legislative majorities recently released their response to the Governor’s proposed 2014-15 budget.   This document has been amended to reflect the Senate Majority Coalition one-house budget. The Assembly and the Senate are expected to take up the legislation shortly and to start the next stage of the budget process, on Monday with conferring of the Budget Conference Committees. Specifically, through a combination of public events and private negotiations the process of reconciling budget positions will truly begin. The State budget is required to be complete by Tuesday April 1. The Governor and the Legislature have prided themselves on delivering three on time budgets increasing the expectations of an on time budget exponentially.


Authorize NYSERDA to finance DEC Climate Change Office (TED Part K)

NYSERDA to Transfer $913,000 to the General Fund (TED Part L)

PSC Administrative Efficiencies (TED Part R)

18-A (TED Part S)

New Assembly Proposals

New Senate Proposals

Senate Proposals that appear in the Resolution without language.

The Senate will urge NYSERDA and the Public Service Commission to study and report the impact of the Regional Greenhouse Gas Initiative assessments imposed on in-state versus out of state generators and the impacts on New York ratepayers.

The Senate will advance language to require the State study whether fees assessed and allocated outside of the budget process are having an adverse impact on New York ratepayers.