Energy Committee Update
February 7, 2013

Staff Contact: Darren Suarez


Today RGGI Inc. released an updated RGGI Model Rule and Program Review Recommendations Summary. The Updated Model Rule will guide the RGGI states as they follow state-specific statutory and regulatory processes to propose updates to their CO2 Budget Trading Programs.

The details of the program are contained in the press release.

Past Comments from The Business Council on RGGI

The Business Council of New York State does not support jurisdictionally imposed costs on firms that competitors in other localities do not have to similarly bear to address matters of global concern. Proponents of a regional approach to greenhouse gas (GHG) reduction may try to question The Business Council’s commitment to addressing global warming. Our comprehensive concerns about this program are rooted in the inefficiency of the program itself to address climate change, balanced with the price tag of the program.

Many of The Business Council’s members have committed significant resources to reducing or removing sources of the release of GHG. Additionally, many members of The Business Council have demanded “prompt enactment of national legislation in the United States to slow, stop and reverse the growth of greenhouse gas emissions over the shortest time reasonably achievable.” The Business Council agrees that human actions may contribute to climate change, but The Business Council will not embrace out of fear a myopic single-sector, approach to global matters. Clearly, more efficient and effective solutions to addressing the release of GHG must be part of the discussion. The Business Council comments are available here.

Energy Committee Meeting

The Business Council will hold an energy committee next week TBD. The meeting will be webcasted.