Energy Committee Update
September 4, 2012

Staff Contact: Darren Suarez

Business Council Energy Committee Meeting

At 10:00 a.m. September 19, 2012 The Business Council Energy Committee will hold a meeting in the Hollow Square/Conference at the Sagamore. The meeting will include presentations from invited quests and a discussion of a number of energy items, including RGGI, the State Energy Highway and the State Energy Plan.

Energy Highway

On Friday July 27, in Albany The Business Council Energy Committee convened. The meeting provided members of The Business Council with an opportunity to hear directly from entities that have responded to the New York Energy Highway Task Forceís Request for Information (RFI).

The Governorís Task Force invited public comments on the RFI responses.The members of the Business Council Energy Committee following the meeting prepared comments regarding the RFI responses. Those comments are posted here.

The members of the Energy Committee were pleased to be joined directly by a significant number of the respondents to the RFI. Every respondent to the RFI was invited to appear before the committee. Given the short notice the members of the Committee were astounded with the significant amount of interest the meeting generated. The Committee members appreciated the time of the many respondents who traveled to Albany to join the meeting or took time and appeared before the committee remotely.

In an unprecedented event The Business Council Energy Committee meeting became a web conference. Syntela, a new member of The Business Council, provided the platform that allowed the development of the webinar. The July 27th meeting was the first Energy Committee meeting that was broadcast.

State Energy Plan

On August 30th the State Energy Planning Board met. The Board received a presentation on the Transmission and Distribution Reliability Study. The New York State Transmission and Distribution Systems Reliability Study and Report [PDF] provides a broad overview of the current electric transmission and distribution system and the many processes and activities that comprise the oversight of the electric system to ensure that reliable energy services are provided to all consumers in the State.

The Board then announced that the Draft State Energy Plan would not be released as scheduled. In September 2009, a law was passed that statutorily establishes the State Energy Planning Board and calls on that Board to launch an energy planning process and complete a State Energy Plan on or before March 15, 2013. The goal of the planning process is to map the Stateís energy future by showing how the State can ensure adequate supplies of power, reduce demand through new technologies and energy efficiency, preserve the environment, reduce dependence on imported gas and oil, stimulate economic growth, and preserve the individual welfare of New York citizens and energy users.

The Board has stated that a Draft State Energy Plan will not be released until after the State Energy Highway Action Plan is released. The Action Plan is expected to be released in the fall.


The nine states participating in the second RGGI compliance period are conducting the 2012 program review called for in the initial RGGI Memorandum of Understanding (MOU). As the MOU specifies, the program review will be a comprehensive evaluation, to include program success, program impacts, additional emissions reductions, imports and emissions leakage, and offsets. The comprehensive 2012 program review is part of RGGIís initial design and the statesí ongoing commitment to ensure the environmental integrity of the RGGI program and the long-term development of the RGGI market.

In the Fall 2012, after additional meetings the participating states expect to begin state-specific public processes, and legislative and/or rule-making processes, with potential refinements to the RGGI program, as necessary and appropriate, becoming effective during the second control period.

The Business Council, has been monitoring the program review and is concerned that many of the proposals under consideration will have an adverse effect on the price of electricity. The Business Council will be preparing a detailed public comments.