Following is The Business Council's 2006 Legislative Program. It identifies priority issues to be addressed by the Committees and Councils during 2006.

The following list of priorities was adopted on Dec 6, 2005.

  1. Extend/Restructure New York's economic development power programs.
  2. Continued emphasis on energy infrastructure development in New York State (generating plants, transmission, pipelines, LNG facilities, etc.)
  3. Systems Benefit Charge (SBC)
  4. Renewable Portfolio Standard (RPS)
  5. Continuation/preservation of energy tax reductions/cuts.

Mission Statement

Support a statewide policy that encourages a safe, secure, reasonably priced, reliable and diverse supply of energy. Actively promote changes to the state's legislative, regulatory and tax structures to reflect increased competition in New York's energy industry, promote increased economic development, and expedite the siting and construction of new generation (e.g. under Article X of the Public Service Law and in other areas) and other energy infrastructure facilities (e.g. Article VII of the Public Service Law).

Tax Issues

Policy Issues

Electricity and Natural Gas



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