InternShop FAQ for business

January 4, 2016
Ken Pokalsky

What is InternShop?
InternShop, a Software as a Service platform that matches employers with interns across the state, is the result of a historic partnership between The Business Council, SUNY and Accenture.

Who can use it?
On the business side, the platform is for use exclusively by Business Council member companies. On the intern side, SUNY students have exclusive access for the Spring 2016 semester. After that time, all other colleges and universities who are members of The Business Council will be able to participate.

How long are the internships?
For the Spring and Summer 2016 semesters, SUNY internships should be 12-15 weeks long. The length of the internship for non-SUNY students, who will be eligible to participate beginning in Fall 2016, will vary depending on each individual school’s semester or trimester structure.

How can I participate?
Interested Business Council member companies can participate in one of two ways: email ken.pokalsky@bcnys.org with the subject line “InternShop” and the title of the position(s) you are seeking to fill and receive a link where you can fill out the necessary information, or fill out this excel form and return it to Ken. (If you choose the second method, make sure to save and email the form in excel format; do not turn it into a PDF.)

What type of information is used to match businesses with interns?
A student’s major and minor; special skills (java, excel, PowerPoint, etc.) and location are all used to find the optimal match for businesses.

f I need more than one intern, do I need to fill out multiple forms?
No. You will be sent a list of all potential interns that match the criteria you are looking for, at which point you can reach out to any number of them for an interview.

If I fill out a form am I obligated to take an intern?
No. Submitting a form does not constitute any obligation to take an intern.

Are these paid internships?
Yes. Interns should be paid the state minimum wage.

Are these credit-bearing internships?
It is the responsibility of each student who participates to obtain credit for their internship experience, if they so choose.

I already have a strong intern recruitment system. Why should I use InternShop?
InternShop is NOT meant to replace or disrupt existing intern programs. The platform will save hours of staff time for small- and mid-sized companies; for large companies, it can serve as the main recruitment tool or supplement existing intern recruitment methods.

Is this related to NYS P-TECH?
NYS P-TECH, a separate school design model that is also supported by The Business Council and SUNY, includes an internship component for students.  For more information click here or contact robin.willner@bcnys.org.