Education and Workforce Development Committee Update
March 7, 2013

Team up with The Business Council and SOMOS to help out New York’s future leaders!

On March 22-24, SOMOS El Futuro will be holding its Spring 2013 conference in Albany, New York. SOMOS is committed to helping Latino youth across New York; in 2012, they bestowed scholarships upon 47 university-bound students, and paid for the salaries and housing costs for eight legislative internships and five apprenticeships.

Now, The Business Council and SOMOS are teaming up to give future leaders the chance to participate in workshops on how policy-making directly impacts their lives and that of their community. On March 23, SOMOS is looking to bring buses with young men and women to the conference from a 2.5 hour radius (New York City, Westchester, Syracuse, Utica and Albany) so they can participate in the workshops. SOMOS is in need of assistance, as this undertaking will cost approximately $2,000 per bus.

Recognizing the importance of giving students the chance to engage with Latino role models, The Business Council will match any donation towards transporting the students to Albany, up to $2,000.

Please join us in helping young men and women meet Latino role models and engage in a real discussion on what they can do to help their communities.

U.S. Department of Education releases school-level adjusted cohort graduation rates

On March 5, the U.S. Education Department released school-level graduation rates for 2010-11. According to the Department, 2010-11 is the first school year in which all states used a common measure for reporting high school graduates.

The adjusted cohort graduation rate for all students in 2010-11 is the number of students who graduated within four years with a regular high school diploma divided by the number of students who form the adjusted cohort for the graduating class. The adjusted rate includes first-time ninth graders who started high school in fall 2007 and those who transferred in over the four years, and subtracts from the figure those who transferred out or died.

The school-level data is available here. Please note that the column marked “ALL-RATE_1011” is the percentage of students in the cohort graduating with a high school diploma in four years. State level data for 2010-11 was released in fall 2012.