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To unite New York State's business community to speak with one voice on sustaining public school education reform. And to join together with other stakeholders to help raise the level of academic achievement for all students in New York State.

Dear Business Council Member:

Raising the level of academic achievement for all students in New York State is a daunting challenge indeed. Added to the complexity of dealing with multiple stakeholders are factors such as funding, legislative mandates, a rapidly changing world, ever-evolving technology and increased global competition.

Engage New York is a process designed to tap into the knowledge resources of the business world in cooperation with stakeholders to help New York State continue to raise the level of academic achievement for all students.

The public education system in New York State is widely recognized as a leader in education reform. Together we want business to speak as one voice in support of reforms that will help sustain New York's economic future and quality of life.

This brochure highlights four key areas of support that BCNYS Education Task Force members believe are most critical to support: higher standards, school improvement, teacher quality, and an increased focus on math, science and technology. We have outlined how business can work together to affect these areas. And, for those of you who wish to learn more about education in New York State, we have created an Engage New York Seminar. We hope you will join us in this pursuit.


What We Support

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Higher Standards

  • Assessments/Regents
  • Accountability/Report Cards
  • Alignment of Activity
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School Improvement/Recognition

  • Pathfinder Awards
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Teacher Quality

  • National Board Certification
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Increased Focus on Math, Science and Technology

Engage New York Seminars

The goal of the seminars is to arm business leaders with the information needed to influence the debate on education reform around a common standards-based school improvement agenda.

Attend a Seminar and learn:

In addition, the seminar will provide opportunity to collaborate with other business leaders across the state - to share ideas and discuss strategies.

Engage New York Process

Engage New York is a process designed to provide the business community with an effective way to get involved in public school education reform. Your active participation in the process will help assure success. Here is how it works:

Step 1 -- Decide to Engage. Make a commitment to be a voice of support for sustained education reform.

Step 2 -- Send a key employee to an Engage New York basic training seminar.

Step 3 -- Use the knowledge gained from the seminar to be voice in support of standards and testing and to help your employees improve their understanding of standards-based reform.

Step 4 -- Determine the level of support your business wants to give:

Step 5 -- Engage. By the time you reach this step you will have gained a good working knowledge of the issues surrounding education reform and will also have determined your own goals. Engagement will take many different forms and the Engage New York process will provide you with current information and the sharing of best practices to help you succeed. The resources of the Engage New York Team will be available to you as you meet new challenges along the way.

For more information about Engage New York please contact:

The Business Council of New York State, Inc.
111 Washington Avenue, Suite 400
Albany, New York 12210