Letter sent to Governor and full Legislature in support of Power for Jobs extension and a long term program

Staff Contact: Ken Pokalsky
July 15, 2009

Honorable David A. Paterson
Executive Chamber
State Capitol
Albany, NY  12224

Dear Governor Paterson:

On behalf of hundreds of businesses – and thousands of employees - across New York State, I write to thank you for supporting the extension of the Power for Jobs and Energy Cost Savings Benefit (ECSB) programs. Legislation extending these programs through May 15, 2010 was unanimously approved by the Senate and Assembly and signed into law earlier this week by the Governor. This was among the most urgent end-of-session issues facing New York’s business community.

These programs support more than 500 businesses, and 300,000 jobs, across New York State.

For a variety of reasons, electric power costs in NY remain un-competitively high, with power rates that are on average 40% higher than the national average for industrial customers and 65% higher for commercial customers. Power costs for downstate businesses are even further above national averages. The Power for Jobs and ECSB programs help energy-intensive companies in every part of the state compete economically. Your action on this legislation will help promote job growth & retention, and new capital investment in businesses across New York State.

While this extension is important, it is a temporary solution to a long term problem. We urge the Administration and legislature to work with business to adopt a long term economic development power program, an objective that will be supported by this year’s legislation.

The information derived over the next year from energy audits and economic impact studies will be helpful in the creation of a comprehensive, targeted economic development power program for New York – a program that will focus not only on cost savings and job retention, but support private sector capital and efficiency investments.

The state’s business community looks forward to working closely with the Legislature, the Administration, NYPA, and other stakeholders across New York to ensure that we can achieve these shared objectives.  This effort must include businesses and stakeholders from every part of the state. The Power for Jobs and ECSB programs address energy cost concerns statewide, with more than two hundred organizations, roughly one-third of the programs’ participants, in New York City and Long Island.

Being able to secure affordable energy and remain competitive in the face of significant economic challenges are concerns facing every New York State business – whether you are a financial services company in Brooklyn, a manufacturer in Syracuse, or a commercial bakery in Buffalo – and together we believe we must find ways to help these New York companies survive and thrive.

As always, please call me at 518-465-7511 if I can be of further assistance or if you would like additional information about the Business Council’s efforts on this or any other issues. Thanks so much.


/signed Kenneth Adams

Copy to:  Larry Schwartz, Secretary to the Governor, Members of the Senate and Assembly