Contract Procurement Committee Update
February 27, 2013

Legislative Update-YOUR FEEDBACK NEEDED!

Senator Little and Assemblywoman Russell have introduced a new bill (S.3766/A.5119) to allow political subdivisions to “piggyback” on other governmental entities (ex. federal government, other states and their governmental entities) contracts. Senator Little and Assemblywoman Russell had introduced a similar bill that was passed and signed by Governor Cuomo last year allowing them to do this; the Comptroller determined it only allowed them to use contracts let by lowest price and not any contract let by best value.This new bill does specify that our political subdivisions can piggyback on contracts let by either lowest price or best value. S.3766/ A.5119 also expands the use of certain federal contracts without going through the competitive bidding requirements. To take a look at the full text of this bill please click here. Should The Business Council support this bill? Are there any changes that we should suggest?

Public Policy Institute Survey: Contract Procuremen

The Public Policy Institute, the research arm of The Business Council, has developed a brief survey on contract procurement for an upcoming report.

Terms and Conditions Work Group

The Business Council’s Contract Procurement Committee recently announced the formation of a Terms and Conditions workgroup to provide suggested changes to the terms and conditions for state contracts. The formation of the workgroup comes as OGS Commissioner RoAnn Destito is also looking at ways to modify Appendix B.