Contract Procurement Committee Update - May 14, 2012

Current Legislation:

Your feedback is needed!

Please take a moment to look at the bills outlined below that relate to service contracts.

Cost comparison analysis for consultant services. There are two similar bills, S.3093 (Robach) and A.5128-B (Bronson) that would require state agencies to conduct a cost comparison analysis before contracting for outside consultants when the contract is expected to exceed $500,000 over a twelve-month period; the agency would be required to compare the anticipated cost of consultant services, including the cost to the state agency administering the contract, to the anticipated cost of providing similar services using state employees. Please click here to view The Business Council’s memo of opposition.

Background checks of a contractor’s employees performing services for state agencies. Currently on the Senate Finance Committee agenda is S.5129 (Farley)/A.6023 (Reilly) which would allow contracting state agencies to include a provision in contract documents that would require a winning contractor and any employee performing services to the state to undergo a state and national criminal history background check. When determining if this requirement will be included in contract documents, agencies will consider the scope of the work and whether these consultants will come in contact with confidential information.

The Business Council is looking for member feedback on both of these issues. 


The Office of General Services announced earlier in the month that John Traylor would be their new Chief Procurement Officer. Prior to being named Chief Procurement Officer, John was the Director of Enterprise Shared Services for the Division of Budget.

The Office of the State Comptroller, Division of Local Government and School Accountability released “Local Government Management Guide.” The guide provides a template for understanding and strengthening IT controls including day to day management and oversight controls. Please click here to read the guide.