Contract Procurement Committee Update

June 27, 2011

Mandate Relief

The tax cap/rent control legislation adopted on the final day of session also included more than thirty specific mandate relief measures. It also created a Mandate Relief Council within the Executive Department, which among other things is charged with recommending statutory and regulatory amends to eliminate or modify burdensome state-imposed mandates. Our summary of the full mandate relief package is available here.

End of Session Report

In addition to legislation capping property taxes and providing some mandate relief, the NYS Legislature took up a plethora of bills. Please check out The Business Council’s End of Session Report which provides an update on key legislative issues including those that affect contract procurement.

Strategic Sourcing Procurement Project

On June 2, 2011 Robert Megna and Howard Glaser sent this memo to all Agency Commissioners about implementing the Strategic Sourcing Procurement Project. Effective immediately, this initiative requires all agencies to suspend individual contract renewals, RFP development and purchasing in the categories outlined in the first “wave;” additional waves are expected to be unveiled in the fall.

The Business Council will host Robert Megna, Director of the Division of Budget and Ron Greenberg, Deputy Director of the Division of Budget at the upcoming Contract Procurement Committee Meeting on July 12 to discuss the Strategic Sourcing Procurement Project, the Mandate Relief Task Force and work of the SAGE Commission as it relates to procurement processes.