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Staff Contact: Johnny Evers

June 25, 2018


During the last few days of the 2018 Legislative session (it ended on June 20), a few pieces of construction legislation were discussed during last minute negotiations. However, none were passed by both houses of the legislature. One item that needs to be discussed by NYSCIC that was not entertained by the legislature is workforce development. This has a dual impact on the construction industry: workforce development in an aging construction workforce, and capacity within the MWBE construction industry segment. Since NYSCIC did not meet during June as is our custom, we will schedule the next meeting this fall to develop the 2019 Legislative Program. In the meantime, as discussed at our Spring NYSCIC meeting, we will be planning a meeting for our own subcommittee on Construction Workforce Development. Those interested in this important topic should contact Johnny Evers or (518) 694-4463.

For those interested in how New York State is addressing this issue across many industries, The Business Council is hosting its “2018 Business & Education Forum: How Business Can Affect the Talent Pipeline.” It will be held on Thursday, August 16, 2018 at the Buffalo Marriott Niagara, Amherst, NY. As part of the forum, NYS Commissioner of Education Roberta Reardon will be discussing education and workforce partnerships to fill the workforce pipeline. More information on the forum is available here.


After weeks of lobbying and dozens of visits to individual legislators, the session ended without the passage of legislation expanding prevailing wage to private work. The bill, S.2975-A (Murphy) / A.5498-A (Bronson), would have imposed public works prevailing wage mandates on private sector projects receiving any amount of state or local financial assistance. The Business Council opposed the legislation and various alternatives contained in proposed amendments that would have had similarly adverse impacts on private sector work.


As the legislative session neared its end, S.8880 (Sanders) / A. 10713 (Peoples-Stokes) was introduced to extend article 15-A of the Executive Law and the MWBE program for five years. The legislation would have also established a Blue Ribbon Commission to study, evaluate and make recommendations on the MWBE program. Further, it would have created a Mentor-Protégé program under which Empire State Development would attempt to build up the MWBE construction segment but with a union-transition program to insure all participants joined unions. The Business Council opposed the bill for a variety of reason, paramount of which being that the legislation would have extended the program WITHOUT a new state disparity study. Since the MWBE program was extended under this year’s state budget until December 31, 2019 there is still time for a new study. The Business Council memo in opposition is here.

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