Key Issues in FY2017 Final Budget

April 1, 2016
Ken Pokalsky

The following is an update on how key issues have been addressed in the final agreement on the FY 2017 state budget. Our more detailed review of the complete budget will be available mid-week shortly. Feel free to contact our government affairs staff with any questions or comments.


Continued fiscal constrain on state operations and all funds spending levels.
Small business tax reform.
Corporate reform/technical amendments.
Non-CPA minority ownership.
Workers’ comp reforms.
Adopt state contract procurement procedural reforms
Establishment of “limited service clinics.”
Estate tax domicile reform
Increased Environmental Protection Fund


Minimum wage
Paid family leave
MTA utility relocation costs.
Workers’ comp board assessment “sweep.”
Increased health plan assessments to pay debts of defaulted “Health Republic” insurance exchange.
DOH “critical drug” program.
Restrictions on campaign contributions from LLCs, adoption of public funding of campaigns.
Project labor agreement requirement for “design build” projects.
Extension of Lobby Act to “commissioned salespersons.”
PACB approval of projects using tax exempt bonding.
Canal Corp transfer
Limited extension of “Excelsior Jobs” program