FY 2009-2010 New York State Proposed Budget

Staff Contact: Ken Pokalsky

Testimony to Senate Select Committee on Budget and Tax Reform New York's Personal Income Tax, March 12, 2009

Testimony to Joint Senate and Assembly Hearing Executive Budget/ Economic Development Issues, State Economic Climate and Business Competitiveness (Verbal remarks) February 3, 2009

Business Council's Overview of Executive Budget Issues

Council News

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Legislative Memos

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2009-10 Executive Budget, Oppose, HMO Premium Tax, 3/25/09

S.56 / A.156, Article VII Budget Bill, Part D, Support, Creation of a not-for-profit entity to assume the functions of the NYS Office of Cyber Security & Critical Infrastructure Coordination

S.58 (Part C) / A.158, Oppose, Bio Pharmaceutical Ban on Payments to Health Care Providers & Disclosure Provisions, 2/27/09

S.58 / A.158 (Part C), A.160/S.60 (Part D), Oppose, Executive Budget - Health Insurance Taxes, 3/2/09

SFY 2009-10 Executive Budget Part SS/Subpart A - Article VII (S.60-A / A.160-A), Oppose, Sales Tax Data Matching Program, 3/24/09

S.249 / A.162 (Parts D, G), A.158/S.58 (Part C), A.160/S.60 (Part D), Oppose, Deficit Reduction Plan & Executive Budget– Health Insurance Taxes

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