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S.7634-A (Marchione) / A.9527-A (Woerner)



P&C Agent Online Classes



May 29, 2018


The Business Council supports S.7634-A (Marchione) / A.9527-A (Woerner), which allow the current on-site-only, state-mandated training program, required in order to take the New York State property/casualty exam to be completed over the internet. This bill would correct an unnecessary obstacle, currently only applicable to Property and Casualty Agents.

Current law mandates that prospective agents are subject to 90 hours of classroom work in order to qualify for the property/casualty exam. Unlike the licensees in all other areas of insurance, these prospective agents must take the classes in person. The classes are not regularly given and are not evenly spread throughout the state. Prospective agents in rural areas of the state are often forced to leave home for two to three weeks in order to take the class. This creates a large and undue burden on prospective agents and works as a deterrent for people seeking the license.

There is no logical reason for this license to remain the outlier in the state. This bill would provide the necessary flexibility for prospective agents without diminishing the value of the education component of the process. This legislation would significantly reduce costs for small business and be a simple way to foster more employment throughout the state.

For these reasons, The Business Council urges the passage of S.7634-A (Marchione) / A.9527-A (Woerner).