Legislative Memo

T 518.465.7511


S.3450-C (Funke) / A.2029-D (Hevesi)



Requiring state agencies to provide certain information to unsuccessful bidders during debriefs



June 16, 2015


The Business Council strongly supports this legislation, which would require agencies to provide certain information to unsuccessful bidders and provide a timetable for vendor debriefs.

Specifically, the bill would:

A common concern raised by vendors is that agencies are inconsistent with regard to debriefs. Bidders frequently note that an agency will provide relatively little insight into the selection process. This is a source of frustration for vendors and hinders their ability to obtain clear feedback in order to improve future RFPs. Debriefs are widely regarded as a useful tool in the procurement process—a recent survey of procurement officers conducted by the National Association of State Procurement Officials showed that debriefs during which vendors were informed of the evaluation process resulted in fewer bid protests.

This legislation will ensure that vendors are provided with adequate time to request a debriefing and are able to obtain information on the evaluation process that will help them better compete for future bids. Therefore, The Business Council supports approval of S.3450-C/A.2029-D.