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S.4260 (Ritchie) / A.6024 (Magee)



Let NY Farm Act


S.4260 (Ritchie) /
A.6024 (Magee)


June 3, 2013


The Business Council of New York State, Inc. supports S.4260 (Ritchie)/A.6024 (Magee), the "Let NY Farm Act" for its efforts to decrease some of the regulatory burdens that prevent additional growth of one of New York's largest industries.

New York's landscape and natural resources have made this state a perfect place for various types of farms to flourish. Today New York boasts over 36,000 farms that contribute to a $4.4 billion industry. New York farms are the leading producers of many products that New Yorkers and consumers across the country enjoy every day including milk, cheese, apples, grapes, wine, and maple syrup.

The "Let NY Farm Act" would:

New York's Agricultural Industry is very important to the well-being of New York, particularly to its Upstate and Long Island communities. In order for the industry to thrive and grow farmers need to be able to focus their time and attention on investing in their business rather than being buried under paperwork and cripples by taxes and fees.

For these reasons, The Business Council supports this legislation.