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S.5228-A (Grisanti)



Brownfield Cleanup Program


S.5228-A (Grisanti)


May 14, 2012


The Business Council supports this legislation, which updates the current Brownfields Cleanup Program by addressing a number of our most significant objectives – clarifying and maintaining broad eligibility for the state’s Brownfield program, and making the tax credit program permanent.

The bill also makes several improvements to the program’s administrative processes, by reducing charges for Departmental oversight for some smaller projects, and by adopting environmental easement requirements in line with those adopted by more than 20 other states.

The following provisions are of particular importance to Business Council members:

In summary, this bill addresses several key program reform issues for the state’s business and development community.  It maintains broad program eligibility while keeping the investment tax credits.

On balance, this legislation represents positive program reforms, and The Business Council recommends approval of  S.5228.