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Darren Suarez
Manager of Government Affairs
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A.11172 (Cahill)



"Power Solutions" Program



May 24, 2010


We believe this legislation is a significant step back from A.10053, the initial economic development power program legislation sponsored this session by Assemblyman Cahill. The program that would be established under this bill would be significantly less effective than the agreed-to bill announced last week by the Administration and Senate Majority (S.7937), as it fails to provide long term certainty to businesses participating in the program. For these reasons, The Business Council opposes A.11172.

The Business Council and other business interests strongly support a permanent new economic development power program that would give energy-intensive businesses increased certainty with regard to low cost power supply and pricing to energy intensive businesses. We believe a new, reformed program to replace Power for Jobs and related programs will help grow and preserve jobs, promote new capital and efficiency investments, and produce significant economic returns to the state. While this program would provide benefits statewide, it will be especially beneficial for upstate's manufacturing sector.

We believe A.11172 falls well short of what is needed to support existing and new business, and promote economic growth. Key concerns include the following:

The Business Council and its member companies look forward to continuing to work with the Assembly, Senate and Administration in finalizing a new economic development power program this session. We believe this program is essential in retaining existing businesses and jobs, and for providing expanded opportunities to provide energy incentives to businesses looking to locate and expand in New York State. We believe A.11172 fails to establish an effective, long term economic development power programs, and we urge the Assembly to consider S.7937 as an alternative approach.