Legislative Memo


S.5050-C (Fuschillo)/ A.8406-B (Gianaris)



Air Passanger “Bill of Rights”



June 13, 2007


The Business Council opposes this legislation, and recommends its not be approved by the state legislature.

We believe this legislation is preempted by the federal Airline Deregulation Act of 1978. Further, we see this legislation as inappropriately establishing unique, state-specific regulation of airline services, a measure that will add to costs and complicate compliance efforts.


Congress has given the U.S. Department of Transportation the authority to protect consumers in air transportation. This federal approach provides adequate and consistent consumer protections across all fifty states. Therefore, any new requirements regarding provision of customer services during flight delays would more properly be addressed through federal legislation or regulation.

For these reasons, The Business Council respectfully opposes S.5050-C/A.8406-B.