Legislative Memo

Ken Pokalsky, Director, Environmental Programs


A.1570 (Brodsky)



Emission Limits on Electric



February 8, 2005


The Business Council opposes this legislation that would require the NYS Department of
Environmental Conservation to impose stringent limits on the emissions of nitrogen oxide, sulfur
dioxide, carbon dioxide and mercury from power plants with generating capacities of fifteen
megawatts or greater. It would also require the imposition of a permanent cap on all CO2
emissions from these power plants, based on 1990 emission levels.

There are many reasons to oppose this legislation -- its costs, its relatively small environmental
benefits, and its disregard for other state-level and regional regulatory initiatives addressing some
of the same emissions issues. For example,

The end result of this legislation will be higher costs for power generated within the state, and
marginal additional impact in addressing regional, national and even world-wide emission issues.

For the reasons detailed above, The Business Council strongly recommends against adoption of