Legislative Memo



S.200 (Spano)



Requires Employers to Implement Programs to Prevent Workplace Violence



March 20 , 2003


The Business Council of New York State, whose membership includes over 3,500 member firms as well as hundreds of chambers of commerce and professional trade associations, has reviewed the above mentioned legislation and opposes its enactment.

This legislation would amend New York State's Labor Law by requiring new studies, policies and workplace training whether a need exists or not.

There is no question that violence follows employees to, and occurs in, the workplace and that vigilance and teamwork on the part of employers, employees and their collective bargaining agents is necessary to address this issue. However, imposition of this type of uniform mandate, without regard for the need, size, location or type of business, is the last step toward a solution, not the first step. The Business Council would prefer to see efforts toward a cooperative solution before a mandate such as this is considered.

The Business Council opposes this legislation for the following reasons:

For these reasons, The Business Council opposes this legislation and respectfully urges that it not be enacted by the Senate.