Legislative Memo

T 518.465.7517


A.4082 (DiNapoli)



Greenhouse gas emissions from motor vehicles



March 25, 2003


The Business Council opposes this legislation which directs the Department of Environmental Conservation to adopt regulations imposing greenhouse gas emission limits on cars and light trucks. Under the provisions of A.4082, these regulations would be adopted by the end of 2005, and applicable to the 2009 and later model years.

Specifically, the bill requires the DEC to adopt regulations "identical to the California air emissions reduction regulations for the cost-effective reduction of greenhouse gas emissions from motor vehicles." Under legislation approved in California last year, the California Air Resources Board (CARB) is required to adopt regulations that "achieve the maximum feasible and cost-effective" reduction of greenhouse gas emissions from motor vehicles. CARB is directed to finalize its regulations by January 1, 2005, with the applicability beginning with the 2009 model year.

The Business Council opposes this legislation for several reasons:

Given the uncertainty of the outcome of California's rule-making process, and the uncertain legal status of the California statute, we believe it is premature for New York to be committing to the CARB regulatory program

Further, we believe that the state legislature needs to give greater consideration to the economic, vehicle safety and other impacts of adopting another state-level vehicle emission program.

For these reasons, The Business Council opposes adoption of A.4082.