Legislative Memo

T 518.465.7517


A.449 (Brodsky)



State Superfund Program



February 26, 2001


This legislation - entitled the "Comprehensive Environmental Cleanup Act" - would enact a series of one-sided "reforms" to the state's superfund program, resulting in significant additional costs for both the state and responsible parties. It would create four separate, overlapping and largely uncoordinated enforcement mechanisms for dealing with contaminated sites. It does nothing to address uncertainty regarding cleanup standards from brownfield sites. Most important, it would not produce meaningful improvements in the protection of public health or the environment.

For these reasons, and because of the specific issues detailed below, The Business Council opposes adoption of A.449.

Rather than promoting a balanced reform package, A.449 presents a series of onerous proposals designed to impose additional obligations and costs on responsible partes, regardless of whether such provisions result in any increased protection of public health and the environment, and regardless of whether such provisions will divert public or private remediation dollars away from more productive uses.

For these reasons, The Business Council respectfully recommends that the Assembly vote against adoption of A.449.