ITT Committee Update

Staff Contact: Johnny Evers
February 15, 2017

There are a number of bills pertaining to technology, cyber security, and electronics/technology being introduced in both houses, as well as the so-called “Buy American” provisions in the Governor’s initial budget proposal.

The Business Council opposes the “Buy American” provisions and is working to have them removed from consideration during both the budget process and the Legislative session. We welcome any feedback on the issue.

Additionally, the Senate has recently re-introduced a series of bills on cyber security: S.924 (Crocci) in relation to cyber security, S.926 (Crocci) in relations to cyber security reports, and S.1104 (Valesky) regarding the timeliness of disclosure of a breach of the security of a system which contains private information. Also, S.2116 (O’Mara) in relation to electronic waste collection and recycling data. If members have concerns or issues on any of these proposals please contact me and forward any information to Johnny Evers.

During the Legislative session I will be reaching out to the Technology/Telecommunications Committee to gauge our members opinions on a number of technology and cyber legislative issues as they arise.