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Legislative Memos

Legislative Memos

2003-2004 Legislative Memos

Legislative Memos

S.175-a (Alesi) / A.5701-a (Brodsky), Oppose, Zone Pricing of Gasoline, 4/4/08

S.182 (Alesi) / A.3593 (Farrell), Support, Reforms the arcane hiring practices of the Waterfront Commission of NY/NJ, 6/27/08

S.371 (Young) / A.2358  (Schimminger), Support, Tax Increment Financing, 6/9/08

A.606 (Cahill)/S.2007(Volker) , Utility Center Call Centers, 3/13/08

S.6808/A.9808 (Budget, Part B) S.6810/A.9810 (Budget, Part K)
Covered Lives Assessment and HMO Premium Tax, March 7, 2008

Program Bill #35 Brownfield Tax Credit, 6/12/07
Draft Amendments

S.627 (Marcellino), Oppose, UI waiting period for strikers, 2/5/07

S.1444 (Nozzolio) / A.3750 (Ortiz), Oppose, Prohibition on Use of SSNs, 4/7/08

S.1445 (Nozzolio), Oppose, Prohibition on Use of SSNs, 4/7/08

S.1456 (Bruno, et al.), Support, Manufacturer and Small Business Assistance Program, 1/25/07

S.1592-A (Libous) / A.1143-A (Brodsky), Oppose, Creation of Cancer Incidence Mapping Program, 6/16/08

S.1624 (Maziarz, et al.) / A.3626, Support, U.C. charges to employers, 4/23/07

S.1952 (Leibell) / A.6927 (Nolan), Oppose, Increases the maximum disability benefit, 5/11/07

A.1960 (Lifton), Oppose, Liens against expenditures, 4/8/08

S.2004 (Robach), Support
Establishes a High Technology Employment and Training Program at NYSTAR
, 3/18/08

A.2030 (O'Donnell) / S.3293 (Flanagan), Oppose, Wireless telephone regulation, 1/30/08

S.2109/A.4309 (Budget), Oppose, 3/1/07
Air permit fees
Hazardous Wastewater Surcharge
Part P, Expanded bottle bill
Contact: Ken Pokalsky

A.2296 (Schimminger)/S.162 (Alesi), Support, Uniform Trade Secrets Act, 3/17/08

A.2498A (Brodsky), Oppose, Authorizes all telecommunications service providers to install their facilities upon private premises, 6/19/08

A.2528 (Morelle) / S.4317 (Volker), Support “Scaffold Law” Reform, 05/20/08

A.2624, Oppose, Utility Herbicides Prohibition, 3/31/08

S. 2720-A (Larkin)/A. 4594-A (Abbate), Oppose, Permits certain Triborough Bridge & Tunnel Members to retire and collect benefits after 20 year of service, 6/4/08

S.2968 (Seward), Support, High Deductible Health Plans, Health Savings Accounts, 3/26/08

S.2971 (Maziarz) / A.7468 (Gottfired), Oppose, Disclosure of Gifts by drug manufacturers, 5/29/08

S.3020-A/A.6159, Support, Health Care Quality and Cost Containment Commission, 3/14/07

A.3119 (Schimminger), Support, Creation of the NYS Strategic Training Alliance Program, 3/18/08

S.3836 (Marcellino) Oppose, Local real property transfer taxes, 3/1/07

S.3884 (Flanagan) / A. 7528 (Nolan), Oppose, Expansion of labor law provisions for farm employees

A. 3937 (Hoyt), Oppose, Prohibition on termination of utility service in cold weather, 5/13/08

S.3941 (LaValle) / A.6795 (Abbate), Oppose, Geographic divorcement, 4/24/07

S.3958-A Seward / A.10373 Weprin, Support, Tax Credit for Small Business Health Insurance, 6/18/08

S.4158-a (Skelos) / A.7146-B (Rosenthal), MRI health insurance mandate, 6/18/07

S.4164 (Volker) / A.2989 (Weisenberg), Support, Equalizing the treatment of collateral sources in tort actions, 6/4/08

S.4738 (Morahan) / A.7999 (Nolan), Oppose, Allows disability benefits for non-disabled persons, 5/11/07

S.5030, Oppose, Standardized testing, 4/02/08

S.5050-C (Fuschillo) / A.8406-B (Gianaris), Oppose, Air passenger "Bill of Rights", 6/13/07

S.5128 (DeFrancisco) / A.8364 (Weinstein), Oppose, Prohibition on insurers' right of subrogation for collateral source payments, 6/12/07

S.5138 (Seward) / A.7896 (Destito), Support, Group key person life insurance contracts, 5/16/08

S.5302c (Little) / A.8030c (Galef), Oppose, Establishes assessment ceiling for public utility mass real property, 5/17/08

S.5443 (Marcellino) Oppose, Bottle bill, 5/20/07

S.5528 (LaValle) / A.7816 (Englebright), Environmental review of leases for underwater lands , 5/21/07

A.5542 (O'Mara), Support, Siting of major electric generating facilities, 4/8/08

S.5862 (Maziarz), Oppose, Hazardous waste landfill restrictions, 6/14/07

S.6055 (Marcellino) / A.9010 (Sweeney) @ Request of the Department of Environmental Conservation, Oppose, Chemical / Petroleum Bulk Storage Tanks, 6/3/08

S.6056 (Hannon) / A.8704 (Bradley), Oppose, Healthcare community reinvestment fund, 6/18/07

S.6151-B (Winner) Calendar # 896, Oppose, Franchise restrictions on the Sale of Motor Fuel, 6/20/08

S.6265 (Lavalle)/A.9022 (Alessi), Oppose, Extends provisions relating to Moratoriums on the issuance of Certificates of Environmental Safety for transportation of certain Gas, 6/10/08

S.6281 Lanza / A.9281-A Titone, Oppose, Product Labeling, 6/20/08

S.6316 (Maltese) / A.4859-D (John), Healthy New York/Labor- Management Benefit Fund Demonstration Program, 6/20/07

S.6323 (Marcellino), Support, Relates to Brownfield cleanup program 4/16/08

S.6325 (Rules) Oppose, Aggregate trust fund, 6/19/07

S.6335 (Farley) / A.9311 (Silver) Support, REIT Technical Amendment, 6/18/07

S.6385-A (Alesi) / A.395-A (Morelle), Oppose, Healthy New York Eligibility, 5/19/08

S.6342, Oppose, Restricts overtime for nurses, 6/20/07

S.6366-A (Padavan)/A.11586 Rules (Silver), Oppose, Tax abatements for Industrial and Commercial work on properties in New York City, 6/18/08

S.6457-A (Farley)/ A.9393-A (Abbate), Oppose, Task Force on Public Retiree Health Insurance Protection, 05/20/08

S.6489-A (Marcellino) Oppose, UI waiting period for strikers, 1/22/08

A.6598-a (John) / S.6797 (Marcellino), Oppose, Prevailing Wage Mandate on Off-Site Custom Fabrication, 05/21/08

S.6809 / A.9809, Oppose, Title V Fee Increase, 2/11/08

S.6835-B (Seward) / A.10123-A (Destito), Support, Establishes commission to evaluate competitive issues between privately and publicly owned outdoor recreational facilities, 06/11/08

S.6913 (Maltese) / A.4508-b (John), Oppose, Funding of Occupational Health Clinic Networks, 06/18/08

A.7092 (John), Oppose, criteria for personal service contracts, 5/20/07

A.7494 (Sweeney)/S.4360 (Marcellino), Oppose, Establishes State Public Health Protection Act, 5/16/08

A.7528 (Nolan) / S.3884 (Flanagan), Oppose, Includes agricultural workers within the State Labor Relations Act; as covered employment for unemployment insurance benefit purposes; and other employment-based benefits, 3/20/08

S.7550 (Seward) / A.10656 (Morelle), Support, Extension of Premium Differential Rate Cap for Group Coverage for Sole Proprietors, 5/23/08

A.7584 (Alesi) / S.3715 (LaValle), Oppose, "Broadwater" Project review, 6/12/07

S.7664 (Maziarz), Support, Eliminates State Regulation of Voice over Internet Protocol Service, 5/27/08

S.7849 (Robach), Oppose, Workers' Compensation notice requirements, 5/7/08

A.7804 (Kavanaugh), Oppose, Posting Security for Compliance with the Terms of an Order, 5/12/08

S.7916a (Padavan) / A.10774 (Gianaris), Oppose, Requires public utilities to certify their payrolls, 6/10/08

A.8044-A (Sweeney) / S.5850-A (Marcellino), Oppose, Expanded Bottle Bill, 5/12/08

S.8206 (Robach) / A.10848 (John), Oppose, Using and sharing of confidential employer and claimant data from the unemployment insurance wage files, 06/04/08

S.8208 (Robach) / A.10852 (Zebrowski), Oppose, Increase Labor Department Enforcement Authority and Penalties

S.8212 (Robach)/A.10847 (Eddington), Oppose, Worker Adjustment and Retraining Notification Act, 6/18/08

S.8225-A Volker / A.11176-A Schroeder, Oppose, Excepts from community rating requirements groups comprised of municipal corporations and public benefit corporations, 06/19/08

S.8321 (Winner) / A.11397 (Schimminger), Support, “FIX WICKS” - Repeals project labor agreement (PLA) requirement in new Wicks Law

S.8390 (Morahan), Oppose, Greenhouse Gas Emission Limits, 6/18/08

A.8444-b (Colton) / S.7563 (Marcellino), Oppose, Electronics equipment recycling and reuse act, 5/5/08

S.8480, Support, Brownfield Tax credits, 6/18/2008

A.8587A (Kavanaugh) / S.7833 (Lanza), Oppose, Notification of the Release of Hazardous Substances, 5/12/08

A.8703 (Hoyt), Oppose, IDA Restrictions, 6/5/07

A.8910/S.6810 Park K (Budget Bill), Oppose, $11.7 million fee on nuclear power plants, 2/26/08

A.9168-A (Silver), Oppose, Minimum wage, 3/3/08

A.9245 (Silver), Oppose, Paid family care, 3/20/08

A.10272 (V.Lopez), Oppose, Requires DHCR to take designated parcels of land through eminent domain, 6/10/08

A.10303 (Sweeney), Oppose, Greenhouse gas inventory and limits, 4/14/08

A.10877 (Gottfried), Oppose, Registration of Pharmaceutical "Detailers", 5/29/08

A.10078 P. Rivera / S.6818 Morahan, Oppose, Expands List of Illnesses Covered by Timothy's Law Mental Health Mandate, June 13, 2008

A.10884-A (Morelle) / S.4675-A (Hannon), Support, Wellness Programs, 6/16/08

A.11107 (Sweeney), Oppose, Brownfield Tax Credits, 6/2/08

A.11187 (Gottfried) / S.8556 Rules, oppose, Marketing Prohibitions on Pharmaceutical, Medical Device Manufacturers, 6/20/08

A.11711 (Gunther)/S.8637 (Morahan), Oppose, Restricts overtime for nurses, 6/23/08