JUNE 1998

Power for Jobs moves forward in Assembly

Three Democratic Assembly members-Joseph Robach, Paul Tokasz, and Robin Schimminger-are sponsoring a bill to allocate 400 more megawatts to Power for Jobs.

Senator James Seward is also sponsoring the bill, which The Council strongly supports.

Power for Jobs provides reduced-cost power to companies that create or retain jobs. The program has been so successful that the full 1998 allocation-133 megawatts-was allocated in the first five months.

"We are continuing to urge lawmakers to act on this opportunity before the current session ends," said Business Council President Daniel B. Walsh.

"New York's energy costs are going down but are still relatively high, and this often has the effect of dampening job creation," he added.

"This program helps address that problem, and it will pay dividends for New Yorkers for many years."

June 11, 1998