NYSERDA funding for energy projects

The state Energy Research and Development Authority (NYSERDA) has $1.74 million available to provide technical assistance for energy projects.

The New York Energy Smart Program will provide up to half of the funding for projects that address energy efficiency implementation barriers while the state's utility industry restructures for competition. NYSERDA will award funds for:

Energy assistance projects that identify and encourage the use of cost-effective energy-efficiency measures for public and private facilities. Eligible projects include engineering feasibility studies, commissioning, support for energy performance contracting, and computer-assisted building modeling.

Rate analysis and aggregation support, including preparing customers for power marketers and evaluating baseline energy consumption, load profiles and rates. Technical support is also available to facilitate customer aggregation for the purchase of electricity and energy services.

Energy management services, including developing energy strategies for facilities, identifying operational improvements, technical training and energy-related data acquisition.

Projects focusing mainly on electrical energy efficiency and savings are eligible. Proposals are due Nov. 18.

October 1, 1998