JULY 1998

Managed care gets good grades on report card

New York's health plans are improving the quality of care and their ability to measure plan performance, according to a new "report card" on New York State managed-care organizations released June 23 by the state Health Department.

The 1996 Quality Assurance Reporting Requirements (QARR) report, which examined trends in managed care over a three-year period, was described as the nation's most comprehensive managed-care report card.

New Yorkers who are enrolled in health plans "are receiving an overall high standard of care," DOH said.

"Statewide commercial rates compared favorably with national benchmarks, and statewide Medicaid rates showed noticeable improvement from 1995 to 1996," DOH said.

New York's commercial quality rates continued to meet or exceed national benchmarks such as those set by the National Committee on Quality Assurance or Healthy People 2000, DOH said.

The report is consistent with the conclusion of a recent report by The Public Policy Institute. Released in May, the PPI report, Managing With Care, concluded that managed care is improving the overall quality of health care and restraining costs.

Click here for the release on the PPI report.

July 9, 1998